• Meeting with Mac was the best financial decision we’ve made this year

    AJ Coghill, Creative Director at DrumFIT

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    What Clients Are Saying about Klyne Insurance…

    “Meeting with Mac was the best financial decision we’ve made this year. He helped us clarify our goals, plan for the future and gave us a detailed budget outline that has allowed us to save, pay off debt, and give ourselves more freedom than ever before. Meeting with Mac is like having coffee with a […]

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    Maddock Douglas Reverse Lottery

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    What Are the Odds? Time to Read: 3 min.

    As the Owner of Klyne Insurance, it’s my business to make sure your all of your assets are covered. Now to me, the greatest asset that any one of us possesses is our ability to earn money.  Plain and simple.  Think about it like this: – A 30 year old earns $60,000 – Works for […]

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    Mac’s Conference Playoff Picks

    Hey there football fans! This is by my favourite day of the football schedule.  The AFC and NFC Championship Games are in my opinion better than the actual Super Bowl. And this years Semi’s feature two awesome matchups.  The two greatest quarterbacks of the last 15 years meet up again for the 15th time and […]

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    Life Insurance

    A proper financial plan can mean the difference between leaving your loved ones well-positioned financially and leaving them to cope with debts and an inadequate income.

    Life insurance can help create financial security for you and your family. If you should die prematurely, it can be used to:

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    Below is a list of all the investments vehicles we can help you utilise to get the most out of your money:

    • RRSPs / Spousal RRSPs
    • RRIF's / LIFS / LIRA's
    • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSAs)
    • Segregated Funds
    • Education Funds (RESPs)
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